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Green’s Top 10 Wines for 2018

Green’s Top 10 Wines for 2018

SC Wines Newsletter - Fall 2018

The Top 10 wines of 2018 are presented here-the 29th Anniversary of the Top 10, by the way-and I must say the year has gone by in a hurry. The selections range from customer favorites-Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rosé, Bridlewood California Pinot Noir and Spillwater Pinot Gris, just to name a few, which have been best-sellers at for the better part of 2018-to a number of under-the-radar part of 2018 gems that the wine staff all agree deserve the Top stage.

Nonetheless, the wine styles represented here can all be described as classic and true-to-form, and of course all with an impressive level of pedigree; the difference comes down to familiarity. Finally, an eye towards versatile pairing with the spectrum of holiday foods was also a major consideration as we were narrowing down our selections.

As always with the holiday program, the discount for Top 10 wines is 15% off of six bottles mix or match.

Please have a safe and happy holiday season this year and thank you for being a customer.

Doug Werner, Green’s South Carolina Wine Buyer