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Bourbon County Release

Bourbon County Release

We released our allocation of Bourbon County Stout on Friday, Nov. 27th starting at 8:00am.

Due to Covid, this year we will not allow customers to line-up outside the store. For those who arrive before 8am, we will have someone at the store entrance to give you a number. Once you have that number you can leave or head back to your car to wait. At 8am sharp we will start calling numbers, 5 at a time, to come in the store to make their purchases. Once they are done we will call the next 5, and so forth, until all bottles are gone or all customers have been served.

At this year’s release we will have the following items:
Bourbon County Stout 2020 - no limits on purchase
Kentucky Fog - VERY LIMITED, only 1 per person
Caramella Wheat Wine - LIMITED,  only 1 per person
Special #4 Stout - LIMITED, only 1 per person

We ask that you make all purchases at one time, you will not be allowed to “jump back in line” after you have checked out. Please respect social distancing when waiting at the register and don’t forget to wear a mask.