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Birds Fly South Carolyn - Coffee Hibiscus Saison

"This seasonal Saison is layered, effervescent, and crisp. A summer Farmhouse open fermented with hibiscus flowers to produce a beautiful deep amber color with hints of purple and pink. We’ve partnered with Due South Coffee Roasters to produce this delicate and balanced ale, created with an incredible naturally-processed Geisha from the Monteverde farm in Colombia. This rare variety of coffee has an intense aromatic profile and delivers beautiful notes of jasmine and stone fruits.

The team at Due South carefully slow brewed the beautiful beans for us before we used it to dry-hop the beer. The end product is floral, smooth, and refreshing. Proceeds from the sale of Carolyn draft pours go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation." 30 IBU's

6.1% ABV 64oz fill


Breakside Wanderlust IPA

Made with Mosaic, Summit, Simcoe, Cascade, and Amarillo hops, it is bright golden in color and has intense tropical, dank, and grapefruit notes. By keeping the malt profile as light as possible, the interplay of hop flavors can really shine. The beer clocks in at only 6.6% ABV and 50 IBU, but it packs as much hop flavor and aroma as any IPA out there. 50 IBU's

6.7% ABV 64oz fill


Captain Lawrence Citra Dreams

Jam packed with Citra hops, this smooth drinking hazy IPA bursts with orange, grapefruit and resin

7% ABV 64oz fill


Captain Lawrence Orbital Tilt (Mosaic)

This IPA has been brewed using a healthy dose of imported pilsner malt and malted oats to create a smooth mouthfeel, then dry hopped with Mosaic lupulin powder for a dank aroma and fruity finish. 9 IBU's

5.9% ABV 64oz fill


Catawba Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Raspberry

"Remember when your mom packed a PB&J sandwich in your lunchbox? The flavors all melded into pure comfort food by noon! Well, we recreated this childhood goodness in a beer! This light brown ale is brewed from five different grains and then aged for weeks on raspberries and roasted peanuts. Take a sip, let the flavors mingle on your palate, and enjoy our PB&J in a glass."

5.7% ABV 64oz fill


Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s

"This Russian Imperial Stout is dedicated to Georgy Zhukov, arguably one of the finest generals of World War II. Opaque black in color, with notes of espresso, chocolate, dark toffee and hints of blackstrap molasses. The English hop varietals provide a subtle herbal dryness, and the beer finishes with a hearty slap of roasty espresso. Pair Marshal Zhukov's with mushroom solyanka, dark chocolate, cherries and ground wars in Russia."

*32oz Fills ONLY

11.8% ABV 64oz fill


Goose Island Christmas IPA

Christmas IPA is a malt forward IPA using 6 different hops throughout the process. Subtle stone fruit and wood notes balance with caramel malt on the palate dry-hopped with Meridian, Ahtanum, and Cashmere. It’s got a bit of an old school feel on the malt side with caramel malt and a lovely red hue to go wit the classic kettle hop backbone. Nicely balanced and dry, this little number dons a big fruity aroma. 38 IBU's

7.5% ABV 64oz fill


Great Divide Chocolate Cherry Yeti

"CHOCOLATE CHERRY YETI is the newest version in our revered Yeti Series. We’ve tweaked the hop bitterness for this special release and then added sweet and sour cherries and cacao. The roasty malt backbone of Yeti melds perfectly with the cherries and cacao to make this one smooth sipper. A Yeti in a cherry orchard can be a great thing."

9.5% ABV 64oz fill


Low Tide Exotic Rendezvous

Its all about the fruit with this SOUR. A double fruited sour featuring blueberry, pomegranate and plum. Bright tart sourness will have your cheeks kissing but the sweet rendezvous of fruits will rescue them.

6.2% ABV 64oz fill


Low Tide Sweet Caroline Kolsch

This traditional lagered German Ale hails from Cologne. A light easy drinking beer for warm days.  Expect subtle cracker cereal malt flavor and a gentle floral bouquet. 20 IBU's

4.2% ABV 64oz fill


Low Tide Tide Chaser IPA

"They are called cheater hops for a reason, they are bright and delicious with very pleasant aromas and flavors. This IPA showcases Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops creating an enjoyable summer IPA.  We are chasing the desirable IPA characteristics, citrusy, dank and resinous, that make a beer best served under the hot Charleston sun." 60 IBU's

7% ABV 64oz fill


New Belgium La Folie

"La Folie, French for "the folly," is a beer steeped in New Belgium brewing tradition.  Our original wood-aged sour spends one to three years acidifying in large French Oak foeders before being blended. La Folie is sharp and sour, full of green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes. Pouring a deep mahogany, the mouthfeel will get you puckering while the smooth finish will get you smiling. Not a beer for the timid, La Folie is a sour delight that will turn your tongue on its head. Find out why it's considered one of the best sour beers around." 18 IBU's

7% ABV 64oz fill


Ommegang Aphrodite

"We could hardly say it more eloquently. Our Limited Edition Aphrodite Ale is ethereal, intriguing and mysterious – as the Goddess Aphrodite must have been. Aphrodite has champagne-like carbonation, much as the foam of the waves of the sea. Plus enchanting flavors with whispers of raspberry and pear, and hints of funk and tartness created by the Brett yeast. The refreshing dryness comes from the unusual combination of Ommegang and Brett yeasts, and incites feelings of love and thirst, though we don't know about lust. Grains of paradise are infused into the nectar, and when poured Aphrodite is crowned with a luxuriously shimmering rose-pink head."

*32oz Fills ONLY

8.9% ABV


River Dog Loco Cocoa Reserve

Imperial stout aged 1 year in freshly dumped Virgil Kaine bourbon barrels. Brewed with lactose for a smooth velvety finish and conditioned on a whopping 20#/bbl hand-toasted coconut, pure cacao, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks

*32oz Fills ONLY

9% ABV


Southern Tier Plum Noir

Moody & evocative. 
Plum Noir's mild sweetness is derived not necessarily from the plums, but from the many malts we use. A bit of plum flavor is present as well as earthy, toasted grains, & hints of caramel wild mild coffee overtones. 

8% ABV 64oz fill


Sun Lab Dim My Mind

Double dry hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Amarillo. Brewed with 2-row, wheat malt, and plenty of malted oats. Notes of orange, citrus, apricot and berries.

7.5% ABV 64oz fill


UpCountry Dill Pickle Gose

Refreshing, balanced. Made with pickling spices, salt, dill, and cucumbers. 7 IBU's

4.5% ABV 64oz fill


Westmalle Trappist Dubbel

Westmalle Dubbel is a dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The creamy head has the fragrance of special malt and leaves an attractive lace pattern in the glass. The flavour is rich and complex, herby and fruity with a fresh-bitter finish. It is a balanced quality beer with a soft feel in the mouth and a long, dry aftertaste. 24 IBU's

*32oz & 16oz Fills ONLY

16oz Fills = $9.99

7% ABV


Weyerbacher Heresy

"This incredibly intriguing Imperial Stout is made by aging our Old Heathen in some very famous Oak barrels that were used for aging bourbon! What do we have when we are done? A stout whose very essence has been enhanced. A stout whose complexity has been increased. A stout with notes of Oak, whiskey and vanilla melding together to create a new sensation. Have we gone too far this time? We don't think so. Heresy is a step above and a leap beyond the extraordinary. Taste it and see what everyone is talking about." 19 IBU's

8% ABV 64oz fill


Wicked Weed Appalachia

A very approachable, yet super-punchy session IPA features Motueka, Citra, and Mosaic hops.

4.7% ABV 64oz fill

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64oz plastic growler - $1.99
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64oz Stainless Steel Growler - $14.99

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