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Green’s The Rosé Experts

Green’s The Rosé Experts

The 2018 Vintage has Arrived!

“Few wines are as easy-drinking, refreshing or as versatile as rosé. With the warmer days of summer, it is time to start stocking up on these flavorful sippers, which are best served well-chilled to allow their subtle fruit and spice flavors to shine through. The best are also zesty enough to match well with lighter fare, such as grilled poultry or seafood.”
The Wine Spectator
“There’s nothing better on a sultry day than a wonderful bottle of dry rosé.”
Robert Parker

Rosé season is in full swing!
Over a decade ago, before Rosé became popular again, Green’s had introduced our customers to the joys of drinking dry Rosé. It is the perfect summertime wine. Cool and refreshing, and usually moderately priced, Rosé is meant to be consumed without pretense. It is “just” a fun wine that is delicious by itself or with almost any food.
Doug Werner-Green’s South Carolina Wine Director