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Carolina Bauernhaus Das Brut

"Our hyper local Brut-style IPA brewed with 100% Carolina Malt House malts & some super juicy hops." 32 IBU's

32oz fill = $8.99

6.5% ABV


Carolina Bauernhaus Fuzz is a Four Letter Word: Kiwi

"We jam packed our ongoing hazy New-England style IPA collab with Hazelwood Brewing, with loads of fresh local Kiwi fruit. Dry hopped with a blend of Cascade, and Galaxy hops." 50 IBU's

32oz fill = $8.99

6.2% ABV


Funky Buddha Cosmic Journey Hazy IPA

"Take flight, Space Cadets! Cosmic Journey is a hazy IPA that takes your taste buds on a galactic voyage through intertwining flavors of ripe papaya, juicy guava, and super-dank mosaic hops. With flavor and aroma this far out, it must be from another planet." 40 IBU's

32oz fill = $8.99

5.5% ABV


Highland Slow Crush

"Crisp tartness and a blend of spirited botanicals make this beer a libation for any occasion.

Inspired by the incredibly popular cocktail Aperol Spritz, this refreshing ale features all-natural ingredients that mirror the Italian aperitif –botanicals like gentian root, cinchona bark and hibiscus flowers. Slow Crush refers to the tradition of gruits and aperitifs and the way that brewers and distillers tried to achieve balance with different herbs and spices." 20 IBU's

32oz fill = $7.99

5% ABV


Highland Stargazer

Grapefruit peel, ginger and coriander add a summer glow to this deftly layered white ale. 25 IBU's

32oz fill = $6.99

4.8% ABV


Highland Wanderlush

Lush with notes of lemon and melon, this hazy, mellow IPA is the perfect companion for summer wanderings. 45 IBU’s

32oz fill = $6.99

5.6% ABV


Snafu Kinky Lola

"Snafu's new spring seasonal is available now! This dark sour is brown to ruby red in color, starts medium sweet with dark fruit notes, and finishes dry and crisp. It's very tart, and even though it goes down easy at 5.1% it will still make you want to dance all night under electric candlelight!

Although inspired by a true classic and karaoke favorite, "Lola" by The Kinks, Snafu will certainly accept customers singing that other famous "Lola" song to us / around us in our tap room if so be it." 5 IBU's

32oz fill = $3.99

5.1% ABV


Snafu Snafu Tang

Snafu-Tang is Snafu's second flagship - a sour ale brewed with oranges. Sour, tart, citrusy, and extremely refreshing.

Recommended food pairing: Bologna sandwiches 5 IBU's

32oz fill = $3.99

5.3% ABV


Stone Old Guardian Barleywine 2015 Vintage

“Barley wines are traditionally hefty brews, but ours is downright excessive. The huge maltiness of this beer is only tamed by an equally prodigious addition of hops, creating a rich, slightly sweet, caramel-hued ale infused with assertive bitterness and bright hop notes, all culminating in a pleasing dryness. While it will evolve into an even more glorious brew with age, this beer's delicious onslaught of flavors will seriously challenge your ability to wait any longer to drink it.” 80 IBU’s

32oz fill = $5.99

11.3% ABV


Westbrook 5th Anniversary Chocolate Raspberry

A raspberry imperial stout brewed to celebrate Westbrook Brewing Comapny's 5th Anniversary. This beer has a sweet fruit aroma and boasts a raspberry forward flavor with a thin to medium body.

32oz fill = $9.99

10.5% ABV

Growler Jugs
32oz crowler - $0.00 - included in the price of fill
32oz growler - $2.49
64oz growler - $3.99
64oz plastic growler - $1.69

(These prices reflect the actual growler & does not include the beer it is filled with.) * All prices listed are cash prices

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