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Carolina Bauernhaus Haze is a Four Letter Word

"Our exploration of hop varieties results in a series of hazy New England style IPA's.  Each volume features different hop varieties, so we just call this fun exploration 'Haze.'" 40 IBU's

32oz fill = $7.99

6.4% ABV


Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter

Hotbox Coffee Porter features cold-extracted coffee from Burundian and Ethiopian beans, to give the base porter flavors and aromas of dark plums, chocolate and hints of blueberry. 30 IBU's

32oz fill = $7.99

6.5% ABV


Sixpoint Farm to Pint: Roy Farms IPA

IPA brewed in Direct Collaboration with a Hop Farmer.

"For the partner brew with Roy Farms we bombed the thing out with Azacca hops — so think a huge blast of tropical flavors all the way."

32oz fill = $5.99

7% ABV


Snafu IPA

"Never mind the rubbish, here's Snafu! Our India Pale Ale is strong & dry, with lots of tropical, citrus, & piney flavors. And,with just the right amount of bite to it, there's nothing too vicious about this one, Sid."

32oz fill = $4.99

6.8% ABV


Snafu Kinky Lola

"Snafu's new spring seasonal is available now! This dark sour is brown to ruby red in color, starts medium sweet with dark fruit notes, and finishes dry and crisp. It's very tart, and even though it goes down easy at 5.1% it will still make you want to dance all night under electric candlelight!

Although inspired by a true classic and karaoke favorite, "Lola" by The Kinks, Snafu will certainly accept customers singing that other famous "Lola" song to us / around us in our tap room if so be it." 5 IBU's

32oz fill = $9.99

5.1% ABV


Westbrook Poppin’ Pils

A 25 IBU hoppy pilsner. Crisp hops in the forefront followed up by some bready dough-like malts. Crisp and refreshing.

32oz fill = $7.99

5.5% ABV

Growler Jugs
32oz crowler - $0.00 - included in the price of fill
32oz growler - $2.49
64oz growler - $3.99
64oz plastic growler - $1.69

(These prices reflect the actual growler & does not include the beer it is filled with.) * All prices listed are cash prices

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