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1L, 2L & 3L Barrels

Perfect for a gift or if you just want to experiment

1L, 2L & 3L Barrels

These Bluegrass barrels will quickly dispel the myth that aging spirits should be left to professionals. YOU can take an existing spirit and make it completely your own creation. The smaller Barrels, which range in size from 1 liter (grapefruit size) to 3 liters (watermelon size) provide more oak area to the liquor, allowing the spirit to age significantly faster than the larger distillery barrel. YOU control the aging as the barrel infuses the spirit with the oak flavor that is unique to your taste, and unlike anything that can be bought on the market.

  • Handmade from American White Oak Used Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky
  • Medium Char (Level 2-3)

Pricing (prices listed are cash prices):

  • ​​1 Liter $49.99
  • 2 Liter $59.99
  • 3 Liter $69.99


* Available with or without the Green's Logo