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Frequently Asked Questions

Keg serving sizes, dimensions, and other useful information

1/2 Barrel:

  • 15.5 Gallons
  • 165 12oz servings
  • Keg weight: 161 lbs
  • 24" high & 16" diameter

1/4 Barrel:


  • 7.75 Gallons
  • 82 12oz servings
  • Keg weight: 87 Ibs
  • 12-13" high & 16" diameter

1/6 Barrel:

  • 5.16 Gallons
  • 54 12oz servings
  • Keg weight: 55 Ibs
  • 24" high & 11" diameter

* European sizes vary slightly *

Do I need to keep my keg cold?

YES! Draft beer is not pasteurized and needs to be kept between 34° and 40° F.

How do I reduce the amount of foam?

  • Don’t worry if your first pint is all foam. Set it aside and continue to pour.
  • Always let your keg settle after transportation. We recommend at least an hour.
  • Icing your tap for about 1 hour can also help reduce foam. (The change in temperature when cold beer hits warm tubing = excess foam)

How often should I pump my keg?

  • When you tap your keg, do no pump for the first few pints! There is plenty of pressure in the keg to get you started.
  • There is no set rule about how much to pump your keg. Judge the flow of beer and pump when necessary. If the keg has been over-pumped, there is sometimes a pressure release valve with a metal ring that you can pull to release some of the pressure.

How long will my keg last?

If you have a kegerator, your beer should remain fresh for around 30-40 days. If you are using a party tap, you’ll need to finish the keg in 24-36 hours. After that the beer will have an oxidized flavor similar to wet paper or cardboard.