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Crowler Wednesday

Crowler Wednesday

Every Wednesday, all day, all Crowler's are $1 off!


A CROWLER® (CAN + growler) is a 32-ounce can filled with fresh beer. It is a one-use, recyclable can that is filled and seamed at our location. It is made from aluminum that has 68% recycled content and is infinitely recyclable.

Here’s how a CROWLER® works:

To fill a crowler, a blast of CO2 is added to purge the can before filling it, which helps assure that there is no beer-degrading oxygen added to the beer. The CROWLER® is purged and immediately filled. Then the lid is applied and the CROWLER® is placed onto the seamer pedestal. The pedestal is turned so that the can is raised up and locked under pressure into the seamer and sealed.

With beer, cans, even big ones, are more portable and less breakable than glass, making the CROWLER® a natural partner for beaches, pools and other venues where glass is not allowed.