Growler Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the Growler Station?
If the store is open, you can buy a growler. However, we do ask that you try to avoid buying one during the last ten minutes of the business day since we typically clean the station during that time.

What sizes of Growlers do you sell and how much does each serve?

Will you fill growlers from other locations?
Let us first address the elephant in the room. Why are you buying a growler anywhere else? Unless of course you were at a brewery, then we’ll cut you some slack. We will fill any growler/container that stays within our size guidelines of 32 or 64 ounces, with the exception of certain plastic containers. Leave the milk jugs at home.

How long will my growler last?
We suggest consuming your growler within two weeks of purchase (but seriously, why are you waiting so long?!?). Once opened, you should consume the beer within 24 hours. In short, don’t open it unless you can finish it! If you need help polishing off your growler, Green’s offers a growler consumption service free of charge (we’re joking…kinda…)

How should I care for my growler?
Treat your growler well and it will return the favor, or should we say flavor (Yeah we went there).  When it comes to growlers, remember these three rules: keep it cold, keep it dark, and don’t keep it too long.

How do I clean my growler?
It is best to rinse your growler thoroughly several times with hot water as soon as you are done with it. But let’s be realistic, you may be passed out on the couch while your buddies draw cat whiskers and a unicorn horn on your face. Obviously, rinsing your growler is not going to happen. So, to clean a growler you have left out overnight or longer, simply use a little white vinegar or a bleach/water mixture. Pour a little in your growler and give it a good shake. Then rinse well. You can also use soap, but it tends to leave a film behind. Whatever you use, it is important to rinse well. Leaving residue in your growler will negatively affect the head retention of your beer.

How often does the growler line-up change?
This question is difficult to answer since it depends entirely on you. However, typically you can expect quite a few line-up changes each week. Some of the more sought out, specialty beers can go in a matter of hours. You can find updates and information on what each store has to offer by clicking here

Can I sample the beer on tap before I buy?
Yes and No. Due to certain SC laws we cannot hand out samples whenever we want. We can only offer samples during scheduled tastings or growler events.

Do you offer Tastings or Growler Events?
We’re so glad you asked that. As a matter of fact we do. Most of our SC stores offer different events throughout the year that allow you to taste certain beers, meet brewery representatives (and in some cases the brewers themselves), and score cool goodies, such as glassware or t-shirts. The times and dates of these events differ between locations. Find each store’s upcoming growler events by clicking on the links located on the righthand side of the page.