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Conquest 2015 Brutus

"Pitch black in body, Brutus wields his weapons of chocolate malt, roasted barley, and oatmeal to wreak havoc on your tastebuds. With a body thick enough to coat your palate and leave his stain forever in your memory, Brutus invites you to join him in his dark quest for control of the known world."

11.5% ABV 64oz fill


Conquest Harlequin Stout

A massive imperial stout brewed with cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger.

8.5% ABV 64oz fill


Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast

A stout tricked out with all sorts of breakfast ingredients including Guatemalan Antigua cold press coffee, Maple syrup harvested from Western Massachusetts and for the quintessential Delaware breakfast touch - Rapa Scrapple and their secret blend of spices. 

2-row Applewood smoked barley, Kiln Coffee malt, Flaked oats, Roasted barley, Caramel malt along with additions of Molasses, Milk Sugars (lactose), Brown Sugar, Roasted Chicory lay the foundation for this malty, breakfast-themed concoction. Enjoy huge notes of coffee in the nose and savory layers in the flavor. 30 IBU's

7.4% ABV 64oz fill


Foothills Hop of the Month Loral ESB

"Just released this year, Loral hops have all the versatility you’d expect from a varietal that took 14 years to perfect. A layered and exceptional blend of European and American hop qualities, it’s at once floral, citrusy, spicy, and herbal – with a hint of dark fruit character thrown in. Those multi-faceted aromas and flavors are great balance for the malty foundation of this Extra Special Bitter." 55 IBU's

5.7% ABV 64oz fill


Granite Falls Dirtbag Falls

Collaboration with Dirtbag Ales. The body is cloudy gold with a fluffy white head. An intense depth of aroma including pepper and lemon, sweet, fruity. A bright lemony and slight green apple flavor layers over an effervescent body with a dry and spicy finish. A hint of basil blends with the dry-hopped characteristics to lend another element to the rich, Belgian-style flavor.

8% ABV 64oz fill


Holy City Yeast Wrangler

"Wranglers aren't just your dad's brand of blue jeans. As brewers, we spend lots of time cultivating and herding yeast from tank to tank and batch to batch. Us hombres at Holy City fancy ourselves yeast wranglers...

... and it took some serious yeast wrangling to ferment this 10% ABV behemoth to completion. The aggressive nose is courtesy of a dry hop with Centennial, Cascade, and Mosaic. Those three varieties are joined by Warrior and Citra in the boil for an all-out alpha acid assault. Put on your big boy pants/blue jeans for this one."

9.5% ABV 64oz fill


Low Tide Down the Hatch

A light, hop-forward session IPA with notes of citrus and a refreshing finish. 30 IBU's

4% ABV 64oz fill


Moonlight Meadery How Do You Like Them Little Apples

"A hard Cider, made with the finest New Hampshire apples that were available to us, which we had fresh pressed into apple cider. This fresh cider was delivered the day it was pressed to our Meadery, where we blended it with just a touch of honey, and some brown sugar and let it ferment, then we let it age in freshly emptied rye whiskey barrels, for a minimum of 3 months. This is a DRAFT only release."

6.5% ABV 64oz fill


Ommegang Lovely, Dark & Deep

Lovely, Dark and Deep pours deep black with a tan, creamy mousse-like head. Aromas of roasted malt and coffee with cream, coupled with subtle notes of chocolate and dark fruit from Ommegang’s house yeast prevail. Flavors of rich chocolate milk, and coffee and cream are impeccably balanced with restrained sweetness and hints of roastiness. The finish is silky smooth with a medium to full body.

5.3% ABV 64oz fill


Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s

"Deviant Dale’s Imperial IPA (8% ABV, 85 IBUs) was born at the cross roads, in a juke joint, as if Dale’s Pale Ale sold its soul to balance Deviant’s foreboding aromas of citrus, grapefruit rind and piney resins with a copper ball-of-fire color and inscrutable finish. The 2011 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner (American IPA Category) is the Devil incarnate with untold amounts of malt and hedonistic Columbus dry-hopping." 85 IBU's

8% ABV 64oz fill


Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Pale golden in color with a hoppy fruity aroma. Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppyness mid-palate. It finishes with a characteristic, lingering bitterness. 82 IBU's

6.5% ABV 64oz fill


Snafu IPA

Strong, dry IPA. Light / pale in color. Minimal Malt sweetness. Lots of tropical / citrusy and piney flavors from the American hops present in both kettle and fermenter. 70 IBU's

7.7% ABV 64oz fill


Southern Tier Cherry Gose

"This Imperial Sour Ale is a striking, lustful shade of red with a persistent white head and durable lacing thanks to the large portion of wheat in the grist. The nose is defined by equal parts bright lactic acidity and cherry notes with a hint of coriander. On the palate, the strong lactic acidity is accentuated by the natural tartness of the cherry juice. Quantitatively, this beer is quite sweet, but we find that this level of residual sweetness is just enough to balance the acidity and that the overall perception of the beer is actually quite dry. The beer finishes very clean and in conjunction with the salt in the finish, it definitely makes you want to come back for more." 7 IBU's

8.3% ABV 64oz fill


Stone Megawheat DIPA

"Kick back and crank it up as we’ve done all the brewing…the we being us and the special guest appearances of two heavy hitters in the indie craft beer industry: New Mexico’s Marble and Colorado’s Odell. Credited with 58 years of brewing chops, our trio built their wheat ale foundation on the classic “C” hops. Then, we rocked a pure hop triad of “M” hops to achieve a supercharged succession of orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, spice and dankness. The undulating riffs of Motueka, Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops slash through the wheat haze with equal footing, never playing over one another. The cacophony of flavor is what fans would expect with a name like Megawheat. So join us as we forge ahead on a path that directly leads to the main stage…and then off the front of it, into the crowd!

If you feel the urge to smash the bottle afterward, don’t. That’s what guitars are for." 70 IBU's

8.4% ABV 64oz fill


Stone Ripper Pale Ale

"When it came to creating Ripper, we drew inspiration from the coastal surf cultures of SoCal and Oz. Sourcing classic Cascade from the Pacific Northwest and Australian Galaxy hops from…yes…Australia, we made a beer both lovers of frothy peaks and hoppy green buds will be stoked about. At the same time, we stayed true to our San Diego roots by pushing the hop boundaries of this style. While some might think it lingers on an edge far closer to an IPA, with all the dry-hop flavor and aroma, it’s actually right in line with the current-day interpretation of a West Coast pale. Ours just so happens to have an Aussie accent that’s cascading with a juicy amount of grapefruit and passion fruit hoppiness. So veg out or venture out. Either way, rip one open and taste this awesome golden nectar!" 40 IBU's

5.7% ABV 64oz fill


Stone Tangerine Express IPA

"This ain’t no just-add-juice approach. This one is for adults. We use bountiful whole tangerine purée, which brings pithy, crisp bitterness to the citrus flavor. In addition to the complexities of the tangerine — the likes of which you can only get by using the whole fruit — we judiciously employ just a hint of whole pineapple for a backnote (you’d likely not even pick it out of the mix if we didn’t tell you it was there). We’re not looking for a sweet concoction to appease the “I want my beer to taste like fruit juice” crowd. This is Stone. We like our IPAs to taste like IPAs. Big, bold and not for kids." 75 IBU's

6.7% ABV 64oz fill


Victory Golden Monkey

Enchanting and enlightening, this golden, frothy ale boasts an intriguing herbal aroma, warming alcohol esters on the tongue and light, but firm body to finish. Exotic spices add subtle notes to both the aroma and flavor. Strong, sensual and satisfying.

9.5% ABV 64oz fill


Widmer Ginger Barrel Aged Brrrbon 2013

Fresh chopped ginger was added to a few select barrels of the Barrel Aged Brrrbon '13 to make this limited edition brew. The addition of ginger compliments the oak, vanilla and caramel flavors of the beer and results in a unique, smooth winter warmer perfect for the season.

10.7% ABV 64oz fill

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